Japanese Film Festival
10:00-18:00 10:00-18:00
13 сентября 2019 г.

CINEGATE Film Festival & AURORA Awards 2019


9月20日にモスクワで開催されCINEGATE Film Festival & AURORA Awards 2019T.J. Yoshizakiさんが招待され、短編映画「Hot Dog」(2018)が上映されます。本セレモニーにご招待いただけるそうなので、ご関心のある方は、下記連絡先にある吉崎様ご本人にご連絡の上、ぜひお越しください。



【場所】EFIR ART loft cinema theatre in MoscowRussia.





14:30 — 15:00   Champagne reception @ loft foyer
15:00 — 16:30   Awards Event with cinema music @ loft cinemahall
16:30 — 17:15   Photo Session @ loft foyer
17:15 — 22:00   Live Screening @ loft cinemahall






T.J. Yoshizakiプロフィール】

Born in Sapporo, Japan, T.J. Yoshizaki is an active filmmaker based in Los Angeles since 2008. He has produced and directed several shorts and features, and his films have been screened at several film festivals. He won the best short film award in 2013 and continues making films today alongside of helping other filmmakers as a crew. He is currently circulating the world with his recent award winning short film, HOT DOG. 


Hot Dog (2018)



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